My Geek Bucket List

“No matter what you hear in there, no matter how cruelly I beg you, no matter how terribly I may scream, do not open this door or you will undo everything I have worked for.” – Young Frankenstein

I pity the fool who makes fun of my awesome van!

The Bucket List is a movie I haven’t actually seen, nor really intend to see unless I’m extremely bored. The concept, however, is fascinating to me. Do as many things as you can, checked off the list, before you go up to the great deep freezer in the sky. (Judging by the amount of those Listography and DIY Autobiography books I’ve bought over the years, I’m their target demographic.)

Also, ever since I saw Up last year (a movie I did enjoy, and which deeply touched me,) I realized that just planning adventures is only half of the equation. I have to go out and have adventures, no matter how old/disabled/wounded I am. They’re not going to come find me.

Carl goes flying

So, without further ado, part of my Geek Bucket List (and, some of the things I’ve already crossed off…)

*Getting a private pilot’s license (fixed-wing and rotor)

This is arguably #1 on the list. Ever since I started off being in love with Flying Ace Snoopy, and now being in love with H.M. Murdock, why would I not want to do this? I know there’s tons of money involved, but hey…you only live once.

*Traveling to each of the seven continents, and really spending time on each one

*Learning a constructed language fluently, likely Sindarin/Quenya or Klingon; maybe even Esperanto.

*Doing a dressage test in the low 70s.

Non-horse people will not understand this one. This is the equivalent of getting perfect 10s in figure skating, or a pitcher tossing a no-hitter in baseball.

Go Sawx!

*Visiting each and every one of the Major League ballparks in the country

Because baseball really is a sport for stats geeks.

*Meeting a favorite author of mine…and convincing him/her to allow me to write the foreword for his/her next novel (I’d settle for getting my own novel published.)

*Being able to fully understand, and explain, E=MC2

*Learning classical fencing

*Discovering, and naming, my own comet with a backyard telescope

Comet Murdock?

*Making it to the top of a peak at least 15,000 feet above sea level

*Arguing a case before the Supreme Court

*Driving a stock car at 200 MPH…and not crashing

*Sitting through the entire Niebelungenlied without a break

*Finding a previously undiscovered species

*Getting to tell Mr. T, to his face, that I think he’s awesome

Some of the ones I’ve gotten crossed off the list already…

"I'll take 'D'oh' for $200"

*Appearing on Jeopardy!

Because by the time I got on, Win Ben Stein’s Money! had already been cancelled.

*Meeting my pop culture heroes in person

If you’re a geek and you haven’t met Bruce Campbell, you haven’t lived. Hail to the King, Baby!

*Hitting a home run at a ballpark

Well, it wasn’t a major league ballpark, but who cares?

*Sinking a hole in one

“It’s in the hole! IT’S IN THE HOLE!” (It was mini golf. Again, who cares?_

*Receiving a handwritten response to a fan letter

I’ve gotten several of these. Nothing makes your day quite like that.

The A-Team 2.0

*Having a custom replica done of one of my pop culture heroes’ props

If you don’t know which one, you don’t know me very well. <eg>

*Getting a compliment on said prop by the actor himself


*Continuing the art of handwritten letters

If I won’t do it, who will?

*Visiting ancient ruins in Rome, Pompeii, and along the Rhein…and knowing a bit about the people who built them

*Taking part in a full-scale battle re-enactment

There are just so many more geeky things to be done…but I’ve got plenty of time, right?

Got comments? Have a geeky bucket list of your own? Drop me a line a, why doncha?

~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on November 15, 2010.

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