Prawn and Quartered 1st Anniversarypalooza: Keep On Comin’!

Why have one "entertainer" when you can have two?

Dammit, I’m another year older and I’m still doing this? ~The author

It’s officially 2 days away from my “official” first anniversary, but, what the hell? We at P&Q believe in doing things extravagantly or not doing them at all. So, in honor of the occasion, we’ve hired a marching band, elephants, a flyby from the Blue Angels, and a special appearance by William Shatner. All virtual, of course, so enjoy them while you can.

In the first installment of my First Anniversary Special, I reflected on some of the things I’ve learned while blogging. Nice, but it’s a little like the green beans on my plate. Strictly utilitarian and “good for me.” As always, I eat that first to better enjoy the second course. Which, in this case, is hopes and dreams for the future. It’s never a bad time (at least at P&Q) to enjoy some pipe dreams with a side of pie in the sky.

I’d encourage all my regular readers to submit a future-wish of their own for the Grand Finale of this three-day event. I promise I won’t laugh if you’ll do the same for me.

I will finally get out of debt. This is the most boring of the lot, but also the most important. It’s gotten a lot better in the last year but money is still tight. Once it happens, I can start saving for the future and maybe even have some extra for…

Getting my pilot’s license. Since I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time, I figure it’s worth pursuing. (And no, it’s not a Murdock thing. In all honesty, it’s a Snoopy Flying Ace thing, which was my first obsession as a child.)

Howl if you love flying

 Traveling more often. Now that I have some actual vacation leave at work, I need to expand my horizons. I’m overdue for trips to see old friends in Europe and Asia. Hell, if I had my license, maybe I could fly myself.

Dating again. I’ll admit it. It’s been nearly seven years since I ventured into those shark-infested waters. But, if the time is right, I’d like to try one more time.

Entering as many writing contests and promotions as I can. I may not be the next Stephen King or Patricia Cornwell, but I love to write and I know I can make at least a bit of money writing. Who cares if it’s just an article here or there to start? I’ll be getting paid to do something I truly enjoy. I made a start by entering editorials into my local newspaper’s search for new columnists.

Reaching out once in a while from “the bubble.” This might be familiar to anyone who knows about Asperger’s. Many aspies know what they like and stick with that. I’m as guilty of it as anyone. As a writer, I know half of my success depends on my ability to successfully network and get to know new people. It’s scary but I have to do it.

Blogging about things that really matter. I could literally write a hundred posts on why The A-Team and Star Wars are so important to me, but once in a while I’d like to raise awareness on something a lot more meaningful. Whether it’s autism research or animal welfare or the treatment of girls in India, a blog is a way to reach readers. And it might just make a difference in someone’s life.

We at P&Q believe in helping women and children
As of January 1, going to a Post a Day format. This is very much up in the air but I’d love to see it happen.
November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo.) I’ve pooh-poohed this for years. This year I’d like to see it actually happen. If hackneyed stuff like Water for Elephants can arise from this endeavour, I’d like to see what I can come up with.
Falling in love with a really handsome guy who just happens to like the same stuff I do. Like I said, it never hurts to dream.
Be sure to stay tuned for the Grand Finale of our 1st Anniversary special on Sunday! Contributions, suggestions, and well-wishes from readers are welcome for that post. Send ’em to!

Sorry, big guy, there WILL be planes involved


~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on July 30, 2011.

One Response to “Prawn and Quartered 1st Anniversarypalooza: Keep On Comin’!”

  1. Ooh nice goals. Good luck with them!

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