What The Hell Was He Thinking?!, Round 1

Okay, let’s cut some cake! ~from “District 9”

I promised my readers I was going to do a double shot today. Because I’m having a long shift at work today and I can’t quite think of anything witty enough, I’m beginning a new semi-regular feature at Prawn and Quartered called “What The Hell Was He Thinking?!” The object is kinda simple: I’ll post a random pop culture screenshot and leave it to you, the readers, to explain to me in 25 words or less what’s happening in the photo. Note: the more random, bizarre and unrelated to the actual happenings in the photo, the more I’ll like it. The most creative explanation will receive a special surprise from me. Ready? Here’s our initial contender, from the ever-popular District 9:

~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on October 10, 2011.

7 Responses to “What The Hell Was He Thinking?!, Round 1”

  1. Guy to himself: “Now may not be the perfect time to tell her that I filed for divorce…”

  2. Okay, the guy on the left has hair that reminds me of Thor, so I suggest he’s the Norse god Bob, Thor’s slightly less well known cousin from Minnesota. He’s clearly already had a good bit of alcohol, and he wants another! When he, like Thor, threw his cup on the ground to indicate this, his liquor spilled across the floor. The second guy tripped on it and broke his arm. The second guy’s now trying to escape as he fears the drunken wrath of Bob and his balloon, but he’s being sidetracked by Lolilel, a random elf who has teleported in and is amazed by this mortal person and his strange ways. “Oooh, your arm is shiny and blue! I want to touch it!”

  3. The guy in the back, (we’ll call him Jim,) can’t quit laughing because the magnesium carbonate he slipped into the other guy’s, (we’ll call him George,) drink is starting to take effect. The woman, (we’ll call her Susan,) who hasn’t seen George since he broke his arm on the ski trip, has decided to stop and reminisce, catch up, and otherwise chat. George’s pained expression is two-fold. First, Susan is someone he genuinely finds annoying but has to be nice to, since she’s his boss’s secretary. Second, and tied to the first, as has already been pointed out, Jim’s practical joke has just kicked in and George needs to hit the restroom pronto. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to get the message through to Susan that he has some “urgent business” to attend to.

  4. Guy on the left: “Hey, macarena!”
    Wife: “Oh, c’mon hun. Don’t be a party-pooper! It’ll be fun.”
    Wikus thinking: “Why oh why did she have to schedule this damned party the day of my proctologist appointment?”

  5. “Honey, my parents are flying in for the weekend to visit Aunt Mertyl… and I offered to let them stay here in the guest room.
    You never use it as an office anyway.”

  6. “Hope she doesn’t notice that unsightly blue growth on my shoulder…”

  7. “Oh Jesus, I never should have eaten that last Mallomar!”

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