Friday Quick Edition: WTHWHT Round 2!

Life is not linear. ~Dwight Schultz

Quick note to my readers: since I’ll be fulfilling family obligations most of today, this post is a little bit of a cop-out. We’re going to play “What The Hell Was He Thinking?!” yet again. The object of the game is to come up with a random and hilarious explanation for whatever’s going on in the screencap. The most creative explanation receives an awesome pop culture virtual prize from me. Ready? Here’s a shot from one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation:

Also, yea or nay on the new background photo mosaic? I like it but I worry about it being a distraction. In the end it may have to go, but I’d love to hear from readers. Happy Friday, and tomorrow we’ll be back to our usual full strength at P&Q.

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~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on October 14, 2011.

9 Responses to “Friday Quick Edition: WTHWHT Round 2!”

  1. I like your new background. I don’t think it’s distracting, I think it’s pretty hilarious with the caption. (and I can’t think of anything for the TNG screencap, darn)

  2. “Is that a prosthetic nose, or is your face happy to see me?”

  3. “The Captain is going to throw you off the ship because you have been rude to everyone. Referring to Lt. Worf as Horseshoe-Crab-Head and snickering every time the Captain calls Cmmdr. Riker Number Two is not going to endear you to anyone… Now please, remove the putty from your nose and tell me your real name. I can feel it’s not Cyrano.”

  4. First order of business: The new background. (I’ll deal with the WTHWHT entry in another comment.)
    I like the background image, itself. The issue is that it is distracting with such a narrow column of content. The wider the resolution, the worse the effect. If you’re running a computer with a small screen, it might not look that bad, but anyone with a high resolution (meaning a width greater than 1024 pixels) is going to have this issue.

    I see a few possible solutions:

    1) Remove the image. Pick a different less busy background. Not saying this is the best option, but it is the simplest.

    2) Choose a new layout with a wider format, even if it is still 1 column. This will reduce the number of repeated images visible on larger screens. Again, not necessarily the best option, but certainly one of the easiest.

    3) Make the image at least 25% (if not 50%) larger and reload it. This will reduce the number of repetitions of the image on the screen.

    4) Create a new graphic using this one. Make the height of the new image is equal to the height of the original, and the overall width of the new graphic the same as your site’s column width plus twice the width of the original image. Next, copy and paste the original image on the left and right sides of the new image. The new image should now have a white/blank middle flanked on either side by the old image. Upload this new graphic and set it as the background, making sure to have it centered left-to-right, and then have the image repeat vertically (Y) only. This will result in a wider appearance to your site, but will not be overly busy, as it seems to be the horizontal (X) repeating that causes the distraction, at least that’s what I can tell. This is definitely the most difficult and time-consuming option, but its results I think would be better than the first three options.

    5) Choose a new layout with at least 2 columns. Remove the image from the background (or don’t). Place the image in an image or text/HTML widget at the top of the sidebar. You’ll get your awesome image on your site without being quite as distracting. This is what I would most likely do if it were my site. It’s the least amount of work (graphic-editing wise) and has the potential of yielding the best overall result.

    6) I’ve saved the most interesting one for last: Leave the site the way it is. If you like the way the site looks, don’t worry about it. I come here for the content, not the scenery, and I’d be willing to wager that I’m not the only one of your readers who thinks that way. The image seems to fit well into the context of this site, and perhaps a somewhat distracting background is exactly what this place needs. Therein lies the beauty of WordPress. It’s your site. You get to decide.

  5. Now, on with WTHWHT:

    Deana: “Did…did your nose just get longer?”

    Cyrano: “I’m sorry. My nose has a mind of it’s own. Ever since the accident, it responds in ways it shouldn’t. I’m so sorry. I do truly find you attractive, though…if that’s any consolation.”

    Deana: “Ummm… A simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ would have sufficed…”

  6. I like the space background 🙂

  7. Alien: “Lo, I am Argarg of the Planet of the Long Noses, and I have come to say that I despise your Federation and have sworn eternal vengeance against you! Rahr.”
    Deana: “Hm. I’m sensing some hostility. Perhaps if you sat down and talked about it? How does your vow of eternal vengeance make you feel?”

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