Treat Your Grandma Right (Treat Her Right)

If nothing is going well, call your grandmother. ~Italian Proverb

My grandma was never like this...she was even cooler

Everyone thinks they have the best grandmother in the world. I know for a fact I do. I’m sad to say yesterday was perhaps the last time I’ll see this wonderful woman for a long time (she lives in California, and tickets aren’t cheap.) But every moment with her…well, it’s time well spent. She’s been with me through thick and thin for 32 years. She knows my foibles and my quirks and even tolerates them. Plus, she has a personality nicer than the old lady who owned Tweety Bird and Glinda the Good Witch combined. Man, did I ever get lucky there.

She’s certainly not as spry as she once was. This is hardly a surprise; she just turned 85 and spent most of her life as a heavy smoker. But her mind is sharp as it ever was. Every time I see her she seems to surprise me in some new way. Last night, her farewell dinner, she regaled us all of how she used to cut classes (!) to go watch movies or catch a big band orchestra. My sweet grandma, a juvenile delinquent? I could hardly believe it. Or she might tell us about her days growing up in Boston during World War II or how she used to go to Fenway Park or how safe Tijuana was in “the good old days.” There are enough amazing stories there for a couple of books, and I regret to say I wish I’d thought of that idea sooner.

And stay off my goddamn lawn!

Our visits are always bittersweet now. None of us ever say so, but we know each visit could well be the last. My grandfathers both died a few years ago but both grandmothers (there’s another one, of whom I’m not quite as fond) survive. For how much longer is anyone’s guess. The good thing is that, apart from some regular wear and tear, both seem to be in good health for their age. When my favorite grandma finally leaves us, I’m not sure how I’ll take it. I know I’ll have a lifetime of memories to console me, and some people can’t even say that. I was fortunate enough to grow up knowing all four of my grandparents. They all survived until my late twenties. Few people ever get that lucky.

And if it’s just blind luck, I’m just as grateful. I haven’t won the lottery yet but I’m just as fortunate to have known a really remarkable woman. If it weren’t for her I’m not sure I’d be as comfortable with my own differences and quirks as I am now. Apart from Mom and Dad she was always the most supportive in the family…and one of the few I told about my AS diagnosis. To which she responded the way she always does with these things.

“It’s all right, sweetie. I love you anyway.”

I miss her already and I hope to go to visit again next year. I hope everyone else takes a moment to call their grandparent(s) if they haven’t for a while. You may not have until next week, and they’ll be thrilled to hear from you.

And remember: treat your grandma right (treat her right)! and sing along now.

Note to my readers: Apologies for missing a post yesterday (I was sending my grandma off in style!) May have to squeeze in another WTHWHT?! tomorrow. Also, forgot to post my World Series prediction. I’m still going with the Rangers in 7. Sorry, Rally Squirrel Nation.

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~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on October 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “Treat Your Grandma Right (Treat Her Right)”

  1. Heather, you have impeccable timing. Just last night, my husband lost his grandmother. He returned Thursday from Utah, visiting his sick mother, and the very next evening he learned of Grandma’s passing. While his mother being sick is in no way a good thing, he knows how fortunate he was to be able to visit and have the opportunity to say goodbye to his grandmother. We’d known for a long time that she was nearing the end and I’ll be forever grateful that circumstances gave him a proper goodbye with her. Cherish those times with your grandmother!! (And, Go Cards!!)

    • I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. It is a very good thing you were able to spent time with her; I regret to this day I wasn’t able to properly say goodbye to my favorite grandfather. And yes, I cherish every moment with my grandma. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry for you on the verge of losing a beloved grandmother. That is deeply painful, as I know well.

    I hope it’s not inappropriate to close with gratitude for sharing this long-lost Mr. T gem. It was forwarded to me a few years ago and I lost all work productivity for a week as I replayed it on a continuous loop.

    • Not at all inappropriate…I love that song and it’s a surefire smile. Mr. T and those horrible short shorts, rapping his heart out about treating your mother right. What’s not to like? 😉

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