33 Films, 33 Years (Part II)

My movies were the kind they show in prisons and airplanes, because nobody can leave. ~Burt Reynolds

Yesterday, Part I of 33 Films, 33 Years kicked things off with a bang. I hope today’s ballot, covering the years 1991-2000, will be even more exciting and thrilling. Like a Godzilla movie with proper dubbing…this promises to be the most fun anybody can have without chocolate.

For anybody just joining us, the premise is simple. Vote for your favorite movie from the five choices given for each year (even better, comment below), and you’ll be entered to win an actual awesome prize from P&Q. Why am I doing this? Two reasons. I want you guys to pick 33 movies I can Retro Review/MST3K in later posts, and I want to give away prizes. Because that’s the kind of crazy altruistic gal I am.

Forget the Oscars, the BAFTAs, the NAFTAs, and the fancy-schmancy awards ceremonies. These may not be award-winners, but they are movies that entertain the hell out of me. Now, can I get some movies made between 1991 and 2000? I’ve provided a link to each flick for anybody who might need a refresher on its brand of awesomeness. Lights, please…

1991: Beauty and the Beast, The Fisher King, The Rocketeer, The Silence of the Lambs, What About Bob?

1992: A Few Good Men, Last of the Mohicans, My Cousin Vinny, Reservoir Dogs, Romper Stomper

1993: Groundhog Day, Jurassic Park, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tombstone

1994: Ed Wood, The Lion King, Once Were Warriors, Pulp Fiction, The Shawshank Redemption

1995: Apollo 13, Babe, Braveheart, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Toy Story

1996: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Independence Day, Jerry Maguire, Sling Blade, Trainspotting

1997: Contact, The Full MontyGood Will Hunting, Grosse Pointe Blank, Men In Black

1998: American History X, The Big Lebowski, Rushmore, A Simple Plan, The Truman Show

1999: Fight Club, Galaxy Quest, The Matrix, October Sky, Toy Story 2

2000: Cast Away, Chicken Run, Gladiator, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Unbreakable

Remember to choose your picks carefully…you’re choosing how I’ll spend at least 10 of my weekends! I’ll be wrapping this 33 Films/33 Years project with a bang in the next couple days…MORE crazy moments! MORE giant monsters in rubber suits! MORE helicopters exploding in midair!

I never said I didn’t deliver excess here at P&Q. Michael Bay has nothing on me.

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~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on February 25, 2012.

17 Responses to “33 Films, 33 Years (Part II)”

  1. Seriously — the 80s were so much more awesome than the 90s. With the last lot, I struggled to choose between 2 or 3 options almost every year. This time there were times I felt like all the options kinda sucked.

  2. Many of my favorite movies are in this crop! So many good ones. Fun =)

  3. I like them french-fry potaters! Mmmmhmmm!

  4. I haven’t voted for 1998 yet. Both the Big Lebowski and Rushmore would be on my all-time-favourites list, so I can’t decide at this moment.

  5. I didn’t know Babe, Toy Story, and Braveheart all came out in the same year. Good times.

  6. Holy ambitious film review project Bat-Man

    Some tough choice on there, I can’t believe I had to vote against reservoir dog in a poll. I may need to reassess my life.

  7. This is a brilliant idea, Heather. I love it. I’ve voted on every one, though some of those that were winning absolutely baffled me. Still, very innovative, and I love the variety of films in each year.

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