Wordless Wednesday: Burning Questions Answered!

Sir, as today is Tuesday, it’s my feeling that Wednesday could occur, officially, as early as tomorrow.

~H.M. Murdock

One thing I know for sure about myself? When I make a promise, I deliver. Even if it’s a little later than I expected. (Hey, I work for the government. Cut me some slack here.)

You may remember, faithful readers, a little post called “Your Burning Questions, Answered!” about a month ago. I did promise to answer some of those awesome questions. That’s what today’s post is for. Since it’s Wednesday, I am going to do so in meme/pictorial format. This may be a recurring feature here at P&Q if the gremlins don’t interfere.

I had a lot of questions asked and, while I can’t answer them all due to time constraints, have picked some great ones. I know you’re all taut with suspense so I’ll cut the chatter now and get straight to the answers.

Larissa Horvath asks:

Why are most blue-eyed cats cross-eyed?

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Who would win in a fight: Undead Cedric Diggory or Edward Cullen?

Lisa asks:

Besides the fact that J.K. Rowling wrote what she wrote, is there a good reason why Ron and Hermione ended up together?

Matthew asks:

“Why do people even have to *ask* why The Princess Bride is so beloved”? I mean, seriously, I don’t get it. I can understand it not being to someone’s taste, but people not getting why other people don’t get it? Inconceivable!

Elizabeth asks:

“Why doesn’t anyone ever recognize Hannibal in disguise on The A-Team?”

And that old chestnut, which many readers have asked me:

What is the meaning of life?

By the way, congrats to Larissa for winning the random prize draw on this one! I’ll be in contact for you to receive your prize.

Stay tuned for some more cool stuff including the first of our 33 Films, 33 Years reviews!

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~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on March 21, 2012.

12 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Burning Questions Answered!”

  1. Very entertaining yet again! Keep ’em comin’, I look forward to your posts!

  2. This has made my day so hard. :)))
    Thank you! I’m excited. And additionally your answers are what the kids call “awesomesauce”.

  3. Reblogged this on Retention and commented:
    A prize AND a kitty meme? Consider today an accomplishment in my internet life. I approve of this post – you should too.

  4. Nice. Lol.

  5. The Star Wars / Star Trek fanboy war needs to end. I like them both. Oh, and I’m 43 and use “awesomesauce” at least daily.

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