Short Saturday: 6 Lies and 1 Truth

Lost time is never found again. ~Benjamin Franklin

Is this a person or a Bird of Paradise?

I’m all about finding ways to save time. Which is just one reason I’ve had short hair in varying styles since 1999. Sure, dear readers, there are days I miss my flowing locks and wish I could run my fingers through my own hair. But they are few. I love having short hair.

Today’s post asks a very important question, at least to me: how does society perceive chicks with short hair? You may recall how the hit show FelicityΒ tanked after star Keri Russell chopped her long hair, or the mini-uproar surrounding Harry Potter star Emma Watson’s decision to go short. Personally I thought both looked great. It was their call to make, anyway.

I’m here to debunk some of the stupid myths that persist about short hair on women. Some of you guys might disagree here, especially the males. I get that you’re biologically programmed to want longer hair on females. But there’s nothing that says shorter hair can’t be just as sexy.

#1: Women with short hair are all lesbians.

Some women might be, yes…just like some women with red hair, polo shirts, cats, or Birkenstocks might be lesbians, too. Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to generalize like that?

#2. Women with short hair are too insecure to wear long hair.

Um, no. Actually it takes much more confidence to rock a shorter style. And if Ms. Berry here is insecure, I have some beachfront property in Kansas I’d like to show you.

#3. Short-haired women are probably sick/recovering from cancer.

If they are, so what? It’s a testament to their survival and most will wear their short hair or bald heads with pride (in fact, check out the St. Baldrick’s site if you’re interested in helping fight cancer in a visible way.)

#4. It’s just another stupid way of being rebellious/fighting the establishment.

So what if it is? Hair grows back if we ever want it too. It’s a hell of a lot less permanent than tattoos or body piercing. There’s literally a short hairstyle for everyone, conservative to ultra-anarchist.

#5: Short hair makes women look like boys/androgynous.

If it’s the right cut, it won’t. A good short cut will actually emphasize pretty facial features and draw attention more than a simple curtain of long hair…which is kinda boring, anyway.

#6. When a woman cuts her hair, she’s “giving up” romantically.

It’s a known fact that 70-80 percent of guys prefer longer hair, but what about the other 20-30 percent? They tend to be the more creative, dynamic, and rebellious ones anyway. Which means they’re probably more worth it.

#7: Short hair is awesome in more ways than one.

When I see a fellow short-haired chick, I inwardly smile. Here is somebody who doesn’t care what society thinks and isn’t constrained by others’ ideas of what “beautiful” is. Not too long ago, it was actually chic for women to have short hair (the ’20s and the ’40s especially). It’s due for a revival. Besides, it’s so much easier and there’s so many options. Isn’t it great to have extra time to do things like, I don’t know, work on my blog?

Author’s Note: I have a hair appointment next week and I’m thinking about the style pictured above. Yea or nay? (Hint: my hair’s already inΒ  a bob.)

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Coming next week: movie reviews! I think I’ve teased you guys long enough on those.

~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on March 24, 2012.

15 Responses to “Short Saturday: 6 Lies and 1 Truth”

  1. My hair is very fine so when it’s long the weight makes me look odd, I’ve generally had shoulder to bob-length cuts. When I was young (20’s) and skinny I wore it long, there are some cute pictures of me (even younger) with these great pig tales.

    A few months ago I sat in the salon chair and said, “cut it all off” I was ready for another change and what better way then to do it with a new style. I was taken back when my stylist said to me, “Does your husband know you are going short?”
    Well, now I wanted to go even shorter! wink. Of course he doesn’t care, he just wants me to be happy πŸ™‚

  2. I *just* got into a bit of a spat with my own husband (and his friend, who was on TeamSpeak, while we all played WoW) about cutting my hair even shorter.

    I’m 31. After having long hair all my life, in Nov 2011, I chopped it from my waist to my shoulders. In Jan 2012, I chopped it into an uneven bob and added some bright (crayon-style) red, and loved it. I did that to prepare for what I REALLY want, which is similar to the photo of the woman up there in #4, but with red highlights added in. Like Megan Massacre red (

    They both were almost actually angry with me for wanting that, and it bummed me out, because they said it would make me less attractive, and that sucked. But part of me still has the fear that something would be wrong with me if I did do the cut, even though it *is* just hair. Damn! I hate feeling so programmed. Everything else in my life I just say “this is how it is and oh well”, but with my hair it’s different. Maybe because it really has been such a 50/50 reception from people, going from short to long hair, but probably because I have very low self esteem to begin with. So yeah……fun fun.

    • It’s hard…society pretty much programs girls and women that short hair isn’t supposed to be attractive. I say you should go for it if it’s what you really want. In the end, what you think matters most. I also like the #4 look (that’s the actress from the original Swedish “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” film.) I may go for something like that myself, with violet highlights.

  3. The first girlfriend I dated had short hair. To me it doesn’t matter whether it is short or long when it comes to females. As long as the person is happy with it, my two cents or anyone else’s shouldn’t matter.

    Until my thirties I used to have hair that ran past my waist. I cut it because I got tired of getting boils on the back of my neck and head. I also got tired of the routine of putting in hair ties, equally spaced, and it getting to be more than ten after a while.

  4. I like my long hair because it hides things. So I think women with short hair are kind of brave – and clearly have nothing to hide – good on them!

  5. I love the hair cut in the pic and think you should go for it. Everytime I suggest shorter hair to my hairdresser she informs me that it won’t suit my face 😦

  6. I hate going to the hairdresser so I used to have long hair simply through procrastination… But I got so fed up with it, as it is also very thick, that I had it cut to a short bob. The hairdresser seemed quite excited to be allowed to cut so much hair off! I think we maybe have a different attitude here in the UK. But my then partner wouldn’t let me cut it any shorter than that. After we broke up I went very short! But I found it annoying to have to keep going to the hairdresser. I have a sensitive scalp and low tolerance for people touching my hair. So now I cut my own and it gives me great pleasure to do so, except the bits of hair in the sink πŸ™‚ My husband tolerates this!

    I’d love to dye it a mad colour like green, blue or purple and he wouldn’t mind that either! But I am nervous of trying to do that at home, not least because I have heard it can make your head swell up if you happen to be allergic and I have no idea if I am…

    • Glad you had the experience of chopping it all off. πŸ™‚ Short hair is much easier for sure. I’ve always wanted to try the wild color highlights as well. If only I didn’t work in such a conservative job. πŸ˜‰

  7. Not sure what a guy who shaves his head bald who loves long hair ought to say here, but my approach has been to let the lady choose how to wear her locks. If you like it, rock it. Besides, it’s what is inside the head that is most important.

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