P&Q’s Week In Review

Once again, the mysterious Rider of the Range deals another triumphant blow for the rights of the oppressed. ~from “When You Comin’ Back, Range Rider?”

It’s been a busy week, P&Q Rangers. Instead of doing another Deep Thoughts post or a rant on library patrons, I need to do a Week in Review. You better hang on to your Chuck Taylors and bomber jackets, ’cause it might get rough.

Posts I Loved This Week:

I keep meaning to do one of these as a weekly feature. Consider this the first one.

Chinese Buffet Rules and Guidelines at Ellie Ann’s Blog. If you haven’t been over to this wonderful, always hilarious slice of the blogosphere, treat yourself. Ellie’s posts are always so creative, they make me jealous. In the best way. If you’re any kind of Chinese buffet junkie, like me, you’ll laugh so hard soy sauce will come out your nose.

My Enemy is a Varmint at Random Reasoning. It’s spring, and that means open season on varmints (in this case, a pesky squirrel.) And the title is a reference to Caddyshack. You have to love it for that reason alone.

100,000 Reasons to Love My Blog at 2Summers. This is one of my favorite blogs to read; it’s written by an American expat living in South Africa. Her photos, and the accompanying stories, are amazing and stunning. It’s like taking a free trip to an exotic country for those of us, like me, who can’t afford it.

Great Moments in Innovation (and Subsequent Heartbreak) at Blank Stares and Blank Pages. You heard about the TacoCopter this week, right? What? You didn’t? Check it out at Jeremiah’s blog, which is one that never ceases to make me laugh with its wit and snarkiness.

Facebook “Likes”-Sincere or Not? at CyclinGrandma. This post is about what’s come to be known as ‘hashtag activism’ in various social media. It really stopped and made me think, which is the mark of a great post.

"Hey guys, look! More cool stuff!"

Cool Random Stuff This Week

* My hometown hockey team, the Nashville Predators, clinched a Stanley Cup playoff berth against the archrival Red Wings. It was also the 500th win for coach Barry Trotz. Not bad for a non-traditional hockey market. We’ll see how they do.

* It wasn’t exactly this week, but Sgt. Rex, a German shepherd explosives detection dog, has been reunited with his handler, Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey, after pressure from animal welfare groups. This kind of stuff always makes me happy. Semper Fi, Rex…you’ve earned a comfortable retirement.

* In case you’ve been holidaying on Pluto, Kentucky and Louisville face off tonight in the Final Four. While I don’t have a dog in the fight, I always enjoy a good rivalry game with bad blood involved. No matter who wins, it should be a doozy.

*I still haven’t seen The Hunger Gameseven though I’m a librarian. I know, feel free to fling rotten produce at me.

* Operation Hair Chop went as planned as I got my fun, funky summer haircut. I’d like to think I look less like her and more like her. I’ll post a pic and let you, the readers, decide.

*I am getting a tax refund. Not a big one, just enough for a nice prime rib dinner and possibly a bottle of Jack Daniels. Mmmmm.

"They'll never recognize us"

What I’ve Recently Read

Again, some of my fellow bloggers (notably Book Snobbery and The Tousled Apostle) do these regularly and I realized I never had. Take from it what you will. I read a little bit of everything.

What It Is Like to Go To War by Karl Marlantes

I picked this up as research reading for my Vietnam-era novel; Marlantes is also the author of the excellent Matterhorn. Not just another war memoir: this is a psychological and insightful study on war’s effects on all involved. Reading it might not make you pro- or anti-war, but it will make you think about how wars affect your life, even if you are a civilian.

Vacation Adventures on a Cargo Ship by Adrian Peetoom

Because I’ve been considering a cruise aboard a freighter, I grabbed this book despite the fact that I don’t often read travel stories. Like the freighter itself, the stories were gently paced and took their time (the writer is a Dutch-Canadian who sailed from Hamburg, Germany to Pusan, Korea and back.) I got a real sense of what such a voyage is like, and some good local history about the ports visited.

A Good Dog by Jon Katz

I won’t say I hated this book (I’d heard Katz described as the modern James Herriott) but it wasn’t a favorite. It was the kind of story that I knew, sadly, how it would end long before the conclusion. While Katz’s stories are often humorous and enlightening, I have a big problem with someone with so much money so easily giving up on an obviously troubled animal. If you do read it, be sure to have the Kleenex handy.

Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell

Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games had her breakout role in the film version of this novel. While I’ve not yet seen the film, the novel is one of those sparse yet haunting stories that will stay with the reader for a long time. I didn’t think a story about white trash meth-heads in rural Arkansas could be this entertaining. It was, and much more.

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

Often I make it a point to read about times or people in history whom I know little about and/or usually misconceive. This story is set during the volatile summer of 1968 and its subject matter, the Black Panther Party, doesn’t really seem like a conventional choice for a middle-grades book. However, the narrator, an 11-year-old girl wise beyond her years, is convincing, and the characters are well-drawn without ever becoming stereotypes.

Oh, and I didn’t win the Mega Millions lottery, but Keith Olbermann got fired. I love it when a plan comes together.

Stay tuned for some really cool stuff, including a new contest on Monday, movie reviews and a guest appearance by David Tennant (well, two out of three ain’t bad.)

As always, be sure to click “Like” if you enjoyed this jibba-jabba, fool!

~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on March 31, 2012.

6 Responses to “P&Q’s Week In Review”

  1. Thanks for the Pingback! Really appreciate it! Stop in again!

  2. Hey Heather, thanks for the link!

  3. Definitely gonna check out 2 Summers! Sounds really interesting.

  4. Looking forward to checking out some stuff fromm your end of the web…
    Oh, and I have neither seen nor read Hunger Games. Nor do I plan to.

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