2 Lies/1 Truth: The Name Game!

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is H.M. Murdock. Better known in the theatrical capitals of the world as ‘H.M.M,’ or ‘hm-hmm.’

~The site mascot

Otherwise knows as "Crazy Fool"

There’s been so many different versions of the Two Truths and a Lie Game floating around the blogosphere, I felt like I had to get in on the action. I blame the site mascot, who has been watching the NHL playoffs while eating leftover Marshmallow Peeps with a Red Bull chaser. Never a good idea for a crazy man.

I’m sure I’ve told you guys this before, but I work in a public library. Working there has taught me many important lessons: that hard work will save the day, that some people still crave learning, and that the average American is batshit insane.

You’ve probably heard some of the goofy names that celebrities give their kids these days. The library, as it turns out, is worse. I have to stand there and enter some of these monikers into the computer without busting a gut laughing. Some of them make “Snooki” sound as normal as, well, Elizabeth or Robert.

His name is "Cobra Bubbles," and don't you dare laugh

Here’s the way this game works. I’m going to give you several sets of three names. Two of them are authentic, honest-to-god names bestowed upon helpless real people I’ve encountered at the library. The third is either a figment of my imagination or else a character from a book or movie, a mythological figure, or the name of a famous person.

Whoever gets the most correct answers will win a prize. I can assure you it’s a good prize, since the site mascot and I have been doing spring cleaning all week. There’s some gold in them thar closets, I tell ya. (Or at least some cool pop culture stuff.)

Leave your guesses in the comments to have a chance to win! With that, here are our contestants (and really, please don’t laugh…you might damage their already fragile psyches.)

#1: PhearEvil, Harmonica, Richard Cockman

#2. Lapeachterica, Long Dong, Y’Not

#3. L-a (that’s “Ladasha”), Falutin, Ashol

#4. Clytorris, Vache (“Fetchez la vache!”), Mina Byrd

#5. Gold Diggs, Don Key, Brandy Ann Coke

#6. Weisenheimer, twins Statler and Waldorf, Yuk Yuk

#7. Shaton, Duki, Chanel Number Five

#8. Courvoisier, Lotta Tequila, Snow Cone

#9. LaPrincess, LaLexus, LaRainbow

#10. Dixie Hooker, Lolita Hooker, Gay Hooker

And we thought "Moon Unit" was bad

Have you heard some silly/crazy/outlandish names in your time? Maybe it’s even your name? Let’s hear it!

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Guilty Pleasure movie this week for a chance at some more prizes!

As always, if this jibba-jabba struck your fancy, be sure to click “Like” and subscribe to keep the site mascot happy and/or sane!

~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on April 17, 2012.

8 Responses to “2 Lies/1 Truth: The Name Game!”

  1. Oh my life, your weird names are so crazy! The strangest I’ve heard of over the pond here, real people anyway, would be Pearl Button (her married name!) and Justin Thyme. Whether I’m out of date, out of touch with city life, or the UK is more traditional in naming I don’t know.

  2. Fake:
    1. Richard Cockman
    2. Long Dong
    3. Falutin
    4. Clytorris
    5. Gold Digs
    6. Weisenheimer
    7. Duki
    8. Lotta Tequila
    9. La Rainbow
    10. Gay hooker

  3. 1 Harmonica
    2 Lapeachterica
    3 Falutin
    4 Clytorris
    5 Don Key
    6 Yuk Yuk
    7 Shaton
    8 Lotta Tequila
    9 LaLexus
    10 Dixie Hooker

    You work in a very odd neighborhood…

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