The Week That Was: Did Someone Say ‘Boomerang Fish?’

Boomerang fish! Guaranteed fresh! Throw the fish A-WAY… and it comes back to me! ~Lew Zealand

Just for the halibut, I’m trying to inject a bit of sole into P&Q to kick off the week. I’ve begun to flounder and think to myself, cod it be something I said? Salmon me! Instead of getting all crabby, I thought of a whale of an idea that might end up being a big catch after all.

(Note: I’m now officially done with the fishy puns. Just thought they went with the photo. On to business.)

After a week of voting in the Guilty Pleasure Movie contest, we have a three-way tie! Instead of conducting an actual Boomerang Fish wrestling match as previously stated, we’ll simply have a runoff poll which will close next Sunday, April 29. Our three finalists, each receiving five votes, are: Conan the Barbarian as nominated by The Tousled Apostle, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog nominated by ThoughtsAppear, and Repo: The Genetic Opera nominated by Patrick Thunstrom. In the event of another tie, I will conduct a random drawing.

Whew. It was fun, and a reminder that the winner will receive his/her choice of an autographed photo or action figure from Dwight Schultz when I travel to the convention next month.

Some posts I, the site mascot, and the site mascot’s cat particularly enjoyed this week included:

Cheap Sentiments-Get ‘Em While They’re Hollow! at 1PointPerspective. Remember all those sugary sweet posters from classrooms and dorms when you were a kid? 1PP’s take on them will make you hurt yourself laughing so hard.

Newport Beach Never Ceases to Amaze Me at Bucket List Publications. All of BLP’s posts are cool and amazing; like getting a free vacation in your living room. This one highlights a truly beautiful place I miss very much.

Titanic and French Onion Soup at Domestic Diva, M.D. With all the Titanic hoopla going on, it’s nice to have a change of pace with a post that’s funny and witty and also has a delish-looking recipe to go with it.

Feeling Fine and Bloggy at The Tousled Apostle. Want to do top 10s and/or book reviews on your blog? Jamie breaks down the good, the bad and the ugly right here for you. I always appreciate her writing and this is no exception.

This Is Just For You To Say… at The Byronic Man. My latest blog find, I know I’m gonna love the blend of humor and pop culture here. Anybody who ever took English Lit will appreciate this post (it’s fun to participate too!)

Adieu…For Now…Sort Of… at BrainRants. One of my absolute favorite bloggers, BR is headed overseas to Afghanistan to serve our country. I salute him and I sure as hell know I’ll miss his wonderful demented humor.

And speaking of Americana, nothing is as American as pro sports (well, there’s all them pesky furriners playin’ now, but we’ll let that slide.) With the NFL Draft right around the corner, the spotlight is rather on the NHL playoffs and a ton of fights, high-scoring games, and overtime thrills. I’m proud of my Nashville Predators for knocking out the Detroit Red Wings in the first round and being the first team to advance. Even if they lose next round, this is a quantum leap for the franchise.

And then there’s the matter of the Boston Red Sox suddenly having a case of amnesia and thinking they’re the Chicago Cubs. Ah, well, I got to see the Sox win two Series championships in my life…I’m good for another 86 years.

Somebody on Facebook dared me to write an A-Team version of “Amish Paradise.” I might have to do it now.

For all the dog lovers out there, this article at LiveScience got passed around the net this week. So, do you agree or disagree? I love German shepherds and Border Collies; does that make me an extrovert after all? (Maybe I just like the “smart” breeds.)

I’m starting to believe in the Mayan Apocalypse just a smidgen more now that Dick Clark won’t be around to ring in 2013.

I also want to let my faithful readers know that for the next month or two, I’ll be especially focusing on getting my book manuscript done. Might be that P&Q has to go on the back burner a bit, though I’ll do my best to check in every week. I need to make priorities and, while, I love writing for P&Q, my book needs to come first. But I’ll be back. I promise. Feel free to email me or connect with me on Facebook anytime.

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~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on April 22, 2012.

9 Responses to “The Week That Was: Did Someone Say ‘Boomerang Fish?’”

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  2. Awesome review!
    I am sending all the best to Brainrants…

  3. yay for Conan! Also lov ethe mascot cat!

  4. How am I the only one that voted for Repo so far???
    Great wrap up, looking forward to checking some of them out…

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  6. […] chance to vote for your favorite Guilty Pleasure movie in our contest for a chance to with an autographed Dwight Schultz item of your choice! Dr. Horrible […]

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