The Most Interesting Crazy Man in the World

“I’m sure it will thrill and amaze us all.” ~The site mascot

One of the top spam search terms people use to get to my blog is always “funny memes.” This is weird because, aside from one post from over a year ago, I haven’t even written about memes. In fact, up until recently, I thought memes were just female dyslexic mimes. My mistake. Now that I know, I’m like, “Oh, yeah…you mean those funny little pictures with captions that take up half my Facebook wall.”

Aside from the LOLcats and the dumbfounded face of Keanu Reeves, I keep seeing the “Most Interesting Man in the World” pop up. And I thought to myself, late last night after a round of whiskey, “Shouldn’t the site mascot actually hold that title? Aside from being batshit insane, he’s been a secret agent, a cowboy, a superhero, a lawyer, a decorated combat pilot, and a nuclear physicist.” And that was just in one year.

I’m not promising anything serious here, P&Q Rangers. This is just the kind of stuff I seem to think of when I’m bored out of my skull at work. (Note: I have another promotional interview today…wish me luck!) Either that or plans for my dream house complete with retro arcade room, secret laboratory, and zombie shooting gallery. You’ve been warned.

I give you: H.M. Murdock, the site mascot, Crazy Fool, and P&Q’s Most Interesting Man in the World…

Who is your “Most Interesting Man (or Woman) in the World? Any big plans for the weekend? What is the meaning of life, the Universe, and everything? Let’s hear it!

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~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on April 27, 2012.

11 Responses to “The Most Interesting Crazy Man in the World”

  1. I have a friend who looks exactly like “the most interesting man.” Have you ever blogged about what the A-Team characters are up to these days? I see Mr. T once in a while. He seems to stay in character.
    I am not sure of my weekend plans yet. We may have to hit Breckenridge for the last day of skiing…I hope your weekend is super fabulous!

  2. This is brilliant. ha! hilarious. I especially loved the meditation and unicorns one.
    GOOD LUCK on your interview! May the odds be ever in your favor.

  3. Wonderful! Lol. I quite enjoyed this one. 🙂

  4. Great captions. How long did yo spend working on these?
    Hope the promotional interview goes well!

  5. Loved them! I have seen stuff about “memes” but I did not really know for sure what they were until you explained it to me in this blog. I also don’t know anything about the “World’s Most Interesting Man” but am assuming he is supposedly that man in the first “meme”? I don’t know if he is the most interesting, but he is very nice-looking.

  6. […] summer vacation. I’ve decided to bring him back to star in the second edition of the popular Most Interesting Crazy Man in the World series. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel and besides, it’s probably the most fun I […]

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