The Week That Was: Good Things Come In Threes

There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self. ~Benjamin Franklin

There are three extremely hard things I know of: Rohrschach tests, speaking Mandarin Chinese, and OH LOOK IT’S A SQUIRREL! ~The site mascot

Good things do indeed come in threes, P&Q Rangers. Don’t believe me? Here’s some proof:

Three blog posts that made me laugh this week:

Things That Bother Me: Social Networking Edition at Novel Journeys. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Youtube, you’ll probably find one of your own pet peeves in this hilarious collection.

How I Became a Mass Murderer at Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride. It’s summer! It’s bug season! It’s time to break out your inner Hannibal Lecter and read Susie’s rib-tickling blog!

Top 15 Funniest Names in the NHL, 2011-2012 at The Blog of Funny Names. Yes, it’s an older post, but I’m a sucker for funny names and hockey, so why not? (I love the very name of this blog.)

Three blog posts that made me stop and think this week:

Spiraling at 2Summers.Heather has a real ability to combine beautiful photography with thought-provoking prose. I was having a bad day at the time and this post helped make it better.

What Makes Someone Sexy? at Ironic Mom. One of those age-old questions for which everyone seems to have a different answer…and I tend to agree with most of Leanne’s.

The Interest in Minimalist Living is Amazing! at Minimalist Living. One of those amazing blogs I’ve discovered through Freshly Pressed which is not only well-written, but useful. I recommend it to anyone interested in minimalist life.

Three Things You, P&Q Rangers, Need To Vote On:

Vote for my version of “This Is Just to Have Already Said” at The Byronic Man! (If anyone doesn’t know the original by William Carlos Williams, consider yourself lucky.)

Last chance to vote for your favorite Guilty Pleasure movie in our contest for a chance to with an autographed Dwight Schultz item of your choice! Dr. Horrible and Conan the Barbarian are in a fierce stretch duel.

It’s Autism Awareness Month and, while I’ve been largely silent about it this year, I encourage my readers to watch this video about Autism Speaks, the world’s largest autism-related nonprofit. I personally dislike most of their platform but I leave it to individuals to decide.

Three Bits Of Interesting Sports News This Week:

In the NFL Draft, with the 26th overall pick, the Houston Texans selected linebacker Whitney Mercilus, whose last name alone is enough to compensate for the fact that he’s a man named “Whitney.”

The Nashville Predators, my hometown hockey team, lost a tough first game in their series with the Phoenix Coyotes. I suggest buying lots and lots of ACME products to use in games 2-7.

The Oakland Raiders have decided to donate 10 percent of their season ticket proceeds to local schools. Now, if they could donate 10 percent of the cost of all those ridiculous costumes, they might actually make a difference.

Three Really Funny, Really Random Animal Videos I Found This Week:

Three Bits of Personally Good News This Week:

I ran into an old friend who strongly encouraged me to try and pitch a few freelance articles to various publications. After all this time, I might be able to overcome my fears and do this.

I have not been kidnapped or harassed by pirates, aliens, body part harvesters, Sacha Baron Cohen, clowns, or zombies. However, I do have an idea for the zombies and those who like to hunt them…which I will be explaining in an upcoming post.

I interviewed (for the third time) for a promotion at work. I felt it went very well and I should hear something within the next week. And I know how that saying about threes goes.

What have you, my readers, been up to lately? Any good (or bad) things that come in threes? Let’s hear it!

As always, if you enjoyed this stuff, click that “Like” button and leave your comments so Murdock doesn’t develop three additional personalities…

~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on April 28, 2012.

9 Responses to “The Week That Was: Good Things Come In Threes”

  1. loved the cat and the tree and the farting horse; clever post. Will go check out some of those links. Good luck with the freelance writing and promotion.

  2. I’m really happy to hear that my post helped your bad day. Thanks for the link and good luck with the promotion 🙂

  3. As Freakazoid would say,


  4. Thanks so much for the inclusion in your mash-up this week Heather! I will check out the links to the posts that I missed. Have a fabulous Sunday!

  5. Thanks, Heather, for inclusion. Glad I wasn’t underneath that horse fart. And you, go. Submit for freelancing! It’s amazing who says yes (and who says no). I’ve been on both sides…

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