Mondays With Murdock: Liar, Liar

Murdock, Peter O’Toole wasn’t in “The Bridge on the River Kwai.”

He was, if you saw it through these eyes.

~Face and Murdock, “Diamonds ‘n Dust”

Sometimes I need a post that’s the equivalent of a Tupperware dish of some hearty leftover. Ya know, something I can just pop into the microwave and nuke for 30 seconds? Well, this is that post. I’m on pins and needles waiting to start my new job and I need something tried and true.

That’s why I’m doing Two Truths and a Lie this Monday. Everybody seems to enjoy it and I certainly do too. I’ve selected four for me and one for the site mascot. Whoever is able to guess the most correct answers will get a $10 iTunes gift card from P&Q or something of similar value if iTunes isn’t your thing. So, without further ado…

#1.: Career Ambitions

a) In elementary school at Career Day, I was supposed to tell the whole class how much I wanted to be a veterinarian, but wound up stealing a bucket and a plastic pistol so I could instead be Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter. It was the only time I got called to the principal’s office in my school career.

b) Because of Indiana Jones, I had an obsession with archaeology for a few years. I’d take anything I could find (including my dad’s power tools), bury them in the backyard, and search for my “lost relics.” However, because we lived in the desert, I never developed a fear of snakes.

c) As a child of the 1980s, my parents knew all about the good shows like Magnum, PI, Dallas, and Dynasty. However, I wasn’t allowed to watch The A-Team growing up because they thought it was “too violent.” My best friend did have a Mr. T lunchbox, though.

#2: Once It’s Funny, Twice It’s Silly…

a) I was once foolish enough to fall for the old superglued toilet seat routine during an overnight school trip. I spent several hours howling before the janitor discovered me, and several more weeks with a rash in the most uncomfortable of places.

b) To get even with the evil band geeks at my high school, I rigged one of the toilets on the second floor so that it would slowly leak over the band room…on a long weekend. The stain, and the peculiar smell, never did go away.

c) I spent the better part of the summer of 2001 in a prank war with my best friend from Renaissance Faire. The one and only time I was able to really get him, I had to stoop to wearing a yellow chicken suit and pie him in the face.

#3: Brushes with Fame

a) The senator from my home state once called me directly to congratulate me for winning an essay contest. I had no idea who he was and I’d played hockey the previous night, so I accidentally hung up on him. (He called back later.)

b) I got to meet one of my heroes, Bruce Campbell, at a book signing hosted by Barnes & Noble by volunteering for the event. I was so nervous until it was my turn and he called me “chickie” and told me he liked my dress.

c) The night she won the Best Supporting Actress award for Pollock, I talked to actress Marcia Gay Harden on the phone since her cousin was a co-worker of mine at the time. I had no idea who she was, either.

#4: On the Road Again

a) When I graduated from college, I had my choice of a down payment on a condo or a week-long trip to New Zealand, for which I’d planned a tour of the sites of The Lord of the Rings and Xena:Warrior Princess. I never made it Down Under but I still have my itineraries.

b) The one and only time I traveled to Florida, I had a close encounter with an alligator the size of a cocker spaniel. My host assured me it was nothing to worry about, but I was terrified nonetheless.

c) Once when our junior hockey team traveled to Belgium to play a round robin tournament, our coach got so drunk we had to go looking for him in one of the local pubs. Since he had always told us it was OK to drink so long as we were sober for the game, we didn’t think it was a huge deal.

#5: White and Murdy

a) The site mascot, when he dies, has informed me that he will not be buried or cremated, but rather that his body parts will be sold on eBay to the highest bidder. He hopes a collector will win.

b) He does such a good impression of Marlon Brando as Don Corleone that the late legend once called him to tell him how much he enjoyed it. Capisce?

c) In his younger years, he was a talented wide receiver who received a scholarship to the University of Maryland. However, a knee injury forced an early retirement and he decided to go into acting.

Guesses will be accepted until next Monday, May 14! Get yours in!

How was the weekend? Any new endeavors? Let’s hear it!

~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on May 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “Mondays With Murdock: Liar, Liar”

  1. My heroes that I have met aren’t famous enough for anyone to really care about.

    • That depends…I’m sure someone cares! I mostly like B-list celebs myself.

      • I’ve met Schmier and Mike from the band Destruction, shook hands with AJ Pero and Eddie Ojeda from Twisted Sister, Mike Varney owner of the record label Shrapnel Records, and one other label owner that I cannot remember his name at the moment. And the list goes on. Came really close to meeting Ronnie James Dio years ago.I have run into Jake E. Lee on a couple of occasions.

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