7 Advantages Blogging Has Over Therapy

Hi, I’m Bob. Would you knock me out, please? Just hit me in the face. ~from “What About Bob?”

I’ve been to see psychiatrists in my life. Not just one, either; I used to go through shrinks like Rosie O’Donnell on “All You Can Eat Bacon” night. They never seemed to do me much good; most of them were hopelessly dry and clinical, like the descendants of Sigmund Freud by way of Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller. They’d sit and nod and take notes on their yellow legal pads, then send me home with a nice antipsychotic script.

Why I needed a shrink was never clear to me. I wasn’t schizophrenic despite what I call my “DVD commentary” ongoing in my head. I didn’t have ADD or OCD. I certainly didn’t want to hurt anybody outside my own wacky fantasy sequences. I failed to Fit In…sometimes proudly…therefore, I got sent to a psychiatrist’s office. If anybody remembers the “Pros and Cons” episode of The A-Team, it was about the same result.

Thankfully the shrinks are a distant part of my past, like jelly bracelets and permed hair, that I’d like to forget. There are days I still wish I could pick up the phone and call at least one of them. (If anyone who works with the public says otherwise, I’d suspect he or she is lying.) In recent weeks I’ve seen a number of fellow bloggers write a “Why I Blog” post. Which made me stop and think…why do I blog? What’s in it that I find so appealing? Hint: it’s not the fame, the fortune and the fast cars.

Best answer I could come up with is that blogging is cheaper than therapy. And, in many cases, it’s more effective. What do I mean? Well…

#1. Blogging is the ultimate journaling method. Think about that for a sec. Instead of scribbling a bunch of private thoughts in a Lisa Frank notebook, you’re sharing your thoughts with the entire world. Or, in my case, anyone actually looking for District 9 pornography and stumbling upon my site instead. It’s kind of cool when someone from Bhutan or Australia or Hungary comments on what you’ve written.

#2. There may be no crying in baseball, but crying is allowed in blogging. Just about every blogger I’ve come to know has written at least one Terrible Day post. It’s OK. We all need to rant and rave. As long as we don’t make this the center of our blog (well, there is BrainRants), who the hell cares?

#3. The blogging community, unlike shrinks, is largely nonjudgmental. 99 percent of bloggers never will see the fame and fortune side of things. Most of us are in it for sheer love of the game, which means we’re happy to accommodate others. And we’re not going to give away free samples of Lexapro as if it was Junior Mints.

#4. Nobody seems to care if you talk about “crazy” topics while blogging. That’s the beauty of special interests and topics. You can find a blog about anything, from art in Africa to zoology in New Zealand. Some of the best blogs I know are written about the most esoteric topics…and they’re not just “Tell me about your mother.”

#5. Blogging helps us Win Friends and Influence People. I’ve heard it said that many writers are introverts. Writing a blog helps those shy ones connect with so many others, and it improves social skills. It’s also a lot less awkward than going to some support group in a church basement on Thursday nights.

#7. As expensive as therapy is, blogging is free. Have you seen what most shrinks, or even licensed counselors, make these days? $200 a pop just to have some guy talk about your Oedipal complexes? I’ll stick to the monthly cost of wireless…or better yet, use hotspots…and talk about them myself.

#8. The blogosphere is a place where there’s a place for everyone. No “loony bins” here. Some of the best bloggers I know are some of the most wild and crazy. No topic is too wacky. I only hope P&Q provides a bit of that for my readers!

Note to my readers: this will probably be my last post before I head up north to visit Dwight Schultz in the Motor City. Any questions you think I should ask for my (hopeful) short interview, send ’em my way!

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~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on May 16, 2012.

14 Responses to “7 Advantages Blogging Has Over Therapy”

  1. Blogging as therapy?!…HMmmm….interesting concept.

    I feel better already. I’m also a bit motivated.

    Not so much about blogging as a substitute for therapy, but sort of. I’ll be sure to give you credit when I get around to writing it.

  2. Yay, a New Zealand reference! Very true, most of the time it helps just to get those thought out of my head and down on paper, or in most cases, a Word document. Loved reading your post.

    From Natalie in Hamilton, New Zealand

  3. Aa far as #4, tell me about it. I follow a blog where the woman coeds going on about the A-Team!
    whatever your reasons for blogging, I look forward to your posts. Have a great time and a great I interview!
    if you can ask him about the difference between A-Team and star trek fans.

  4. Writing is cathartic and I think we are similar in that we prefer to escape to a fun-filled world. There are many that dwell in the past and keep writing about it. I can’t believe that would be good for anyone to keep reliving the darkest days. Whenever I get stressed, I escape by writing.

  5. I enjoy blogging AND therapy. (Although I blog a lot more than I go to therapy, for many of the reasons detailed above.) I’m pretty sure my therapist reads my blog to check up on my mental health.

  6. I definitely use blogging as therapy, and I love it! Writing forces me to organize my thoughts.

  7. All good and mostly true, though I think, looking at reason 3, you must not go to many political blogs. 😀

  8. Hell Yeah, I was looking for “District 9” porno pics. Then I got distracted by fun and insightful posts, you librarian you. Have you seen “A Dangerous Method” yet? I haven’t, the Blockbuster vending machine near me doesn’t carry it 😦

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