Who’s Your Hero? Let the Voting Begin!

Two weeks ago, I asked my readers to nominate their real-life heroes for a new contest. I wasn’t sure what to expect, whether I’d hear about famous actors or teachers and coaches who have made a difference in my readers’ lives. Thankfully I have three terrific nominees.

Before I introduce the nominees, let me say that each of them brought tears to my eyes. Heroes don’t have to be rich or powerful or superficially handsome. Often they are the people who do their jobs day in and day out and never complain. In fact, those are usually the best kinds of heroes.

Voting will be open from now until next Monday, June 10. One vote per blogger (and yes, you can certainly vote for yourself.) The nominee with the most votes will win a nice little haul of prizes including a Dwight Schultz autograph obtained in person and a $10 gift card to Amazon or iTunes.

So, here are the nominees, in alphabetical order:

Jane Aronson, nominated by CyclinGrandma:

“For Jane Aronson, being an infectious disease specialist isn’t enough. Neither is being a pediatrician whose practice is totally devoted to orphans and adopted children. Nor is founding a multi- million dollar foundation, Worldwide Orphans that has programs in a dozen countries and has helped thousands of children. Jane Aronson wants to improve the health and education of all children, particularly those inflicted with HIV/AIDS.

In 1997, she founded WWO, to address the needs of thousands of children living in orphanages who weren’t being adopted. Through the foundation, Aronson established training programs for health professionals and orphanage caregivers in countries in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. She visits Haiti regularly, working in clinics established after the devastating 2010 hurricane. WWO sponsors volunteers, called Orphan Rangers, who work with local staffs. A Granny Program trains women from the communities to work one-on-one with an orphan, providing early intervention crucial to child development. WWO partners with UNICEF and the US Agency for International Development to provide anti-retroviral drugs.
Removing the stigma of AIDS continues to be a major hurdle WWO faces. “A lot of people think all we have to do is give medicine,” said Aronson. “The public in these countries needs to be educated the way we’ve been educated here.”
Aronson cringes at the amount of “greed and lack of compassion” that pervades society. From an early age, she’s instilled in her three adopted children the Jewish tradition of charity, “Tzedakah”, and involves them in community service. Growing up in Long Island, she watched as her father, a grocer sold on credit to poor families and remembers the living conditions people endured. The indignity she witnessed as a child, she sees in orphanages, and compels her to affect change. “It drives me to do more,” she said.”

(For more information about Dr. Jane Aronson and WWO, go to http://www.orphandoctor.com or http://www.wwo.org)

Jason Becker, nominated by The Heretic:

“Jason Becker was diagnosed years ago with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/Lou Gehrig’s Disease), by that point he had released four albums in a short amount of time (two with Cacophony, one solo, and David Lee Roth’s “A Little Ain’t Enough”). Before succumbing to the disease Jason released the album Perspective showcasing more than his impressive guitar playing, but his ability to create sound-scapes that can bring out emotion in the listener. Today, Jason has lost all function of his body from speech to ambulation (something we all tend to take for granted), and fed via intravenous tube. Jason’s father has created a way through eye-movement for when he needs to communicate with him. Jason has not let his illness get him down or break his spirit. Jason is more than just a hero to me, he is my inspiration, he is my motivation, whenever I am having my petty fits of feeling not creative enough, or struggle with trying to get something out I look to his music, his sound-scapes, his determined spirit. Although not a direct influence on my own playing and music, Jason has been my inspiration for wanting to push my creativity whether it be music, art, or words. I am in awe of this man who refuses to just lie down and give up or give in, he is proof that the human spirit can be far more stronger than just it’s physical aspects. His amazing strength, determination, and sheer will not only impresses the living fuck out of me, but reminds me that I should never compromise my creativity no matter the limitations, or even complain about the small, petty things. He is an enigma, an inspiration, and a rebel human spirit.”

My Grandmother, nominated by Thatawkwardkid93:

“My grandmother is my hero. She may only be 4 feet and 11 inches tall, but that is one powerful woman. She was born with cataracts in the middle of her eyes. If her eye is like an egg, the cataract is the yolk. She’s completely blind. She uses eye drops to dilate her pupils to see around the cataract. She wears thick glasses, and can see in blurry shapes and colors. She recognizes people by the shape of their blur. Most people that know her have no clue that she’s blind. Even I didn’t know, and she helped to raise myself and my 20+ cousins. Not one day has she let her disability hinder her life. Not one day has she used it as an excuse to get out of things. Not one day has she sat around feeling sorry for herself. She raised seven children and runs a store and campground with my grandpa. Superman may have super strength, Spiderman may be able to climb walls, and Batman may have awesome butt-kicking skills, but none of these hero’s have anything on the courage and strength that my grandma shows in everyday life. Your hero may be a great philosopher, a superhero, or a famous person and that’s just fine. You can keep them because my grandma always has been and always will be my hero.”

Be sure to vote! These are some awesome heroes and they all deserve to win, but only one will take the prize.

(Note to my readers: despite the NHL and NBA playoffs, I’ve been able to write a bit on my book and get things cleaned up around here. Not easy during summer, but I love a good challenge.)

What have you guys been up to? Any good news to share?

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~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on June 4, 2012.

7 Responses to “Who’s Your Hero? Let the Voting Begin!”

  1. I have been working on ideas, whether or not I can get them off the ground and finished is another story.

  2. Good luck heroes!
    I am almost a third of the way done with my rewrite. I am glad it is taking a while since I keep getting new ideas!

  3. Thanks for including my nomination! All 3 are amazing people. Heros/heroines can be people just struggling to get through every day or those that have an impact on others lives. Thanks for doing this.

  4. I went with Grandmother. Because it’s never a good idea to piss off a gramma.

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