Readership Has Its Rewards, Part I

Say, are we a groovy, happening bunch of guys, or what? ~The site mascot

You know those blog award posts, the ones that seem to get spread around the blogosphere like phony phone numbers and LOLcat memes? I’m happy to say this is not one of those posts. In fact, it’s better.

I’m coming up on two years of writing P&Q and I’m still astonished by how many readers show up to read this jibba-jabba. What started out as an outlet for my random quirks has become an important part of my life. And it wouldn’t be that way without you, the readers. At last count I had over 1200 subscribers and I’m honored beyond belief.

So, instead of listing 10 random things about myself or cutting and pasting another of those silly banners (aside from the above, made by the wonderfully talented Leanne H.), this is my way of saying thank you to my loyal readers. Because I can’t give each and every one of you a token of my appreciation (though I’d like to), consider this the next best thing.

Take it away, Mr. Murdock!

Susie Lindau of Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride:

Thank you for being a regular commenter who always makes me laugh! You’re a tremendously talented writer with a variety of topics that always astounds me. As the site mascot would say, “I want you to be my role model…someone I can look to when the purple wobblies start to wobble.” What I’d love to give you: A week-long writer’s retreat in Scotland or Ireland so you’d have even more cool stuff to write about.

Emvee of Words From the Heretic:

I can’t think of anyone in the blogosphere I’ve gotten to know as cool and creative as you. You’ve been a loyal P&Qer from the start and I can’t thank you enough. You rock! What I’d love to give you: The site mascot’s personal stash of old-school video games and arcade machines. Pop culture comin’ at ya!

El Guapo from Guapola:

How can I not love a guy whose handle is an allusion to the classic Three Amigos? It took a while for me to find your wonderfully demented blog but I’m so glad I did. Mi casa es su casa! What I’d love to give you:ย As requested, your own super-duper jet pack. Oh, and a plethora of sweaters (I seriously couldn’t resist.)

Dave from 1PointPerspective:

You manage to keep it real…in the funniest way I can imagine. One of the wittiest bloggers I’ve come across and one who I always go to for the merciless evisceration of pop culture figures (I’m looking at YOU, Miley Cyrus!) What I’d love to get you: A full gross of these Kardashian cardboard (Kardboard?) cutouts to dispose of in the manner of your choosing. You know, for when you’re really feeling the stress of life.

Christine Noble from Hand of Ananke:

Most of the blogs I really enjoy are well-written. You are not only a talented writer, but probably the most thought-provoking blogger whose work I read regularly. More power to you, and please keep doing what you’re doing. This country needs more writers like you. What I’d love to get you: Your very own TARDIS complete with music library and wet bar.

ThoughtsAppear at ThoughtsAppear’s Blog:

Why are so many of the blogs I love sick, twisted and dementedly funny? I don’t know, but yours is at the forefront. As one English major to another, keep it up and please keep making all of us laugh! What I’d love to get you: The closely guarded, top-secret recipe for the chocolate which is great for you and has no calories. (Hey, I’d want it too.)

Coming soon: Part II, because I have so many more readers to thank! And…a review of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and The Artist!

I can’t say it enough: thanks to all my readers from far and wide. You guys are the lifeblood of my blog and you’re all appreciated.

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~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on July 17, 2012.

14 Responses to “Readership Has Its Rewards, Part I”

  1. NOMINATION!!! Please copy and paste award from my site here and follow the rules to accept (itโ€™s OK if you choose not to):

  2. This is sooooooooooo incredibly great! You made my whole month! Thanks so much for the shout out!

    I have been out most of the day and discovered a new way to organize my book -storyboarding- so I’ve been dinking around with a giant W and post it notes!

    You are really the best! Congrats on all your followers! Off you tweet this!

    …..pinches herself……

  3. You picked me?!! I’m speechless. Luckily, I can still type in this stupor.

    Does anyone notice how people who write well, are often followed by other people who also write well? And how people who write well tend to enjoy the work of others who do too?

    That last batch of words surely disqualifies me from writing well.

    That hideous paragraph aside…Thanks P&Q – it takes one to know one!

  4. A TARDIS with a wet bar!? That sounds like heaven! Thank you very much for the mention. I shall endeavor to live up to your praise.

  5. Awwww…Thanks!

    One day someone will make that chocolate. One day…. If I get it first, I’ll share it with you.

  6. Awesome! Thank you! I would definitely open an arcade to share with everyone, with some of my favorite bands playing live. That would rule!

    Did you ever check out the songs that I emailed you a while back?

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