Let the Games Begin!: Round 1, Day 1

It’s finally time to let the Fictional Character Hunger Games begin!

I have some good news and some bad news, to start: the bad news is, we have 8 tributes instead of a planned 16. However, this will make the Games go faster, and that means we’ll crown a winner a lot faster as well. For those just joining us from the initial announcement, here’s how this will work:

Each round will feature one fictional character, chosen by a fellow blogger (check out some of these awesome blogs, BTW), who will go head to head against another. Bloggers will have the opportunity to cast their vote on who they think would win the matchup. The winner of each matchup will move on until only one is left standing.

In order to encourage voting, I have also decided to give a small prize to a random voter who leaves a comment along with his/her vote.

Any questions can be directed to me. One vote per IP address. Polls will be closed 48 hours from now on Wednesday, August 8th, and Part II of Round I will begin.

May the odds be ever in your favor! Our Round I, Part I matchup features a battle of fan favorite heavyweights. Only one can make it. Who will win?

Patrick Thunstrom, the Digital Magician, sponsors Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly):

“An ex-soldier with a proven combat record. A charismatic leader who can talk his way out of almost anything, and shoot his way out of those he can’t. Able to pull the trigger when everyone around him is too panicked to do anything, and proven to be able to handle torture to the point of death. (After all, it seemed like the thing to do.) I bet he’d be able to take the Hunger Games, even if he’s only so-so with a sword.”

And Heather D. of Becoming Cliche is sponsoring Prof. Severus Snape (Harry Potter):

“Hello? Fully qualified wizard here. He could summon whatever he needed to complete the challenges AND turn his opponents into cockroaches. Plus, the books never actually depict him eating anything, so he might not actually get that hungry. He’s got a sense of loyalty, and he’s incredibly hot. I mean, um, courageous. There.”

Remember, polling is open until Wednesday, August 8, until 12:00 CST. Feel free to publicize on social media or your own blog and tell your friends. Only one will survive…who will it be?

~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on August 6, 2012.

16 Responses to “Let the Games Begin!: Round 1, Day 1”

  1. Although Severus Snape is a worthy opponent, I think Cap’m Mal would get so many gifts sent from the Capitol from his loyal fans that he’d win.

    • Ah…although Mal didn’t make it through to the next round, we’ll see how things shake out (and, even if your tribute doesn’t win, you’re entered in for the Viewers’ Prize!)

  2. Sorry, Heather (er, the sponsor, not the one who’s writing this blog). I had to go with Mal on this one.

  3. Wow what a tough start to the race, chase, and battle… Whew!

  4. Remember, even wizards are afraid of guns, and Malcolm ALWAYS keeps his pistol at his side. (Shh. . . no referencing Shindig or Trash. Those were special occasions.)

  5. My galleons are on Snape.

  6. Snape would underestimate Mal, the reverse probably wouldn’t happen. Both cheat like hell (a quality I actually admire.)

  7. Tough competition. I have to vote for Mal, though.

    1) He’s a more charismatic choice, so would have better gear and gifts from the Capitol.

    (2) At first glance, it would seem that Snape has more choices open to him. But let’s face it — without his wand, he’s got nothing except potions. And if the games are in an unfamiliar place, he’d be unsure of what plants would get what reaction. Mal, on the other hand, has a pistol, is passingly capable with a sword (shhh!), and is more than willing to use anything and anyone as a weapon. Also, he can talk his way around just about anything.

    (3) Snape would be on his own from the start. He’s not exactly likeable. Mal would be more inclined to join a group and pool resources to thin out the field.

    (4) Mal will give up whatever it takes to win (including his clothes & weapons!). Snape is more concerned about his pride.

  8. […] insane, twisted, and downright nuts…and that's just the site mascot! « Let the Games Begin!: Round 1, Day 1 “Good Hair” (from a Caucasian who doesn’t have it) August 7, 2012 It is […]

  9. I hope for Snape’s sake there are no genetically modified snakes getting around in the arena 🙂

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