Let the Games Begin: Last Matchups of Round 1!

Rounds 1-3 were as close as expected…how close, you ask? Let’s join H.M. Templesmith LIVE from the Fictional Character Hunger Games…

“What’s that, you say? There’s been a delay in reporting? Ah, well, it’s the tape delay from the arena. There’s been a lot we’ve had to edit out, plus we’re preparing for the 2nd anniversary of P&Q here in the Capitol. That’s a lot of lamb stew to cook up.”

“Our third matchup featured another fan favorite, River, going up against dark horse Steerpike. After a good deal of wailing, gnashing of teeth, and psychic energy battles, Piper Bayard‘s tribute River emerged the victor. To The Heretic  we here in the Capitol extend our condolences along with the leftover lamb stew and some of these neat little individually wrapped mints.”

“For our last matchup of the first round, the Game Makers have outdone themselves! Not two, but three tributes going head-to-head. I think the District 10 tribute got here late, so we had to accommodate him. Now we’ll take you to the Arena to let the sponsors introduce the tributes. Don’t forget…semifinals start next week, so those with winning tributes can start preparing.”

“One vote per IP address. Voting for this round will close at noon CST on Wednesday, August 22. Don’t forget to comment to be eligible for the Hunger Games Viewers’ Prize (this includes non-winning tribute sponsors.) May the odds be ever in your favor…this is H.M. Templesmith signing off.”

And it’s time to meet our tributes!

Panamon Creel (The Sword of Shannara), sponsored by Christine Noble:

“He is smart, wily and tough. Despite having a pike in replace of one hand he manages to still be a thief. He doesn’t quit, doesn’t take any bull and above else knows that the first rule in a fight is that there is no rules. He is an otherwise normal man that helped a young Shea Ohmsford to face off the near god like Warlock Lord. That and he hangs out with a troll and the troll is the “sensitive” one of the pair.”

Lisbeth Salander (The Millennium Trilogy), sponsored by Jody Moller:

“1) Salander is smart, I mean, come on, the girl solves unsolvable mathematics riddles for fun. And even better she’s street smart, too, nothing gets by her.
3) She’s tough, and despite her small size she can take a hit and keep on coming, plus she has proven ability to use any available weapon – gun, axe, giant dildo.
4) She’s mega-rich and uncompromising, she would undoubtedly be the first contestant in the Hunger Games to work out a way to sponsor herself and parachute in timely gifts.
5) She operates by her own skewed set of morals and she would have no issues mowing down anyone who stood between her and the finish line.”

And our last-minute tribute, Sherlock Holmes, sponsored by Susie Lindau:

“As you look around his bachelor’s quarters, you know that Sherlock Holmes is a bit twisted, but his intelligence, wit, and powers of deduction can take down any villain.

Sherlock is fit and what he lacks in strength and size, he makes up with dexterity. He anticipates any obstacle and is always three steps ahead of mere mortals. He is arrogant, but passionate, compelling, bold, and extremely persistent. He is poised and ready to duel all the way to the finish line.”

(A note to our loyal readers: without realizing it, P&Q’s 2nd anniversary passed this week. Thank you for all your support…I’ll be doing a special post later on to express my gratitude. I can’t believe I’m at nearly 1500 followers and 100,000 all-time hits. All thanks to you.)

~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on August 20, 2012.

6 Responses to “Let the Games Begin: Last Matchups of Round 1!”

  1. Yikes! You put my boy up against some brutal competition!

  2. It was a tough draw…but if you win, you can be all the more proud. (I love that series, for the record.)

  3. You rock Heather! Thanks for letting me sneak into the last round….It’s a tight race!

  4. Sherlock has my vote.

  5. I also vote for Sherlock Holmes. He’s smarter than Lisbeth and has proven many times over that brain beats brawn. It’s elementary really. 🙂

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