P&Q Turns Two!

“I did what I did because if I didn’t do it, it would have got done. And I might add, that not doing it would have been a lot worse than doing it badly, which I was not about to do. ” ~The site mascot

The news just passed me by this week: last Thursday the 16th was P&Q’s 2nd Blogiversary. That must be what happens as time goes by; I simply forget or else I’m too damn tired at the end of the day to notice.

As I look back at my life two years ago, what’s changed? My job situation (from desperate times and unemployment to the promise of an actual career), my official diagnosis with Asperger’s (which has made a remarkable difference in so many ways), my creativity (using P&Q as a platform to explore the news of the day or what’s on my mind.) I’ve also developed a better relationship with my parents, for crying out loud.

Time passes and I have all the responsibilities of a single person. There’s the laundry and the bills and the little disasters around the house that always seem to eat up what little savings I manage to accrue. And I still find myself wanting to blog at the end of most days. P&Q started out as a way for me to share my admittedly non-linear thoughts with the world. And it hasn’t changed that much. It doesn’t focus on one thing (like photography or cooking) and next to some of the other WP blogs it’s decidedly blue-collar. I don’t do this to get famous or have hangers-on. I do it because writing is in my blood. If I didn’t do it, I’d have to take up some mundane hobby like Sudoku puzzles or knitting.

Enough of the blathering, though. This milestone isn’t really about P&Q. It’s about you, the readers, without whom this would just be another random url floating in the blogosphere. You’re the ones who really make it happen. And I can’t thank you guys enough…

Lisa: You’re the one whose idea (I believe) it was for me to have a blog in the first place. I know a lot of brave people and you’re among the bravest. I’m proud to have you as a friend, and I’m grateful for your encouragement.

A.J.: We met almost by accident but I can’t help but think it was meant to be. You are such a creative person that you inspire me. I’m glad to have finally met you in person.

Emma: I can’t help but be in a better (and more creative) mood whenever we talk. A shout out to all your Bug Friends, and I can’t wait to finally meet in person this fall.

Susan: You know, it’s been such a pleasure having you as a friend and co-worker. I thoroughly enjoyed our road trip and hope we can do it again someday. Also hope your living situation improves!

My former co-workers of 2016: Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you guys. Though we are separated by the four winds, we will always be together in spirit. As the Nighthawk credo goes, never say die!

D.S.: I am proud to call you a hero of mine. Not only are you a talented actor and writer, but a person I can look up to for so many reasons. God bless you!

My fellow Murdockians: You guys are like a surrogate family to me. Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, and I can’t ask for a better group of friends.

The site mascot: What can I say? He makes an awesome coconut curry tapenade and he always takes out the trash afterward. And he leaves the seat down.

All my fellow bloggers: I’m so afraid I’ll leave someone out here, but to all my regulars: Ellie, Piper, Clay, Emvee, Thoughtsy, Jamie, Jo, Susie, Christine, Heather, Jody, Matthew, El Guapo…you guys are beyond awesome. I’ve never met any of you in person, but I hope to one day. All of you are amazing writers and though I may not always say so, I thoroughly enjoy your work. Live long and prosper!

What would you like to see P&Q do/not do in this, our third year? Ideas for future posts? You can always leave them here or drop me a line at wikusandmurdock@yahoo.com!

Be sure and subscribe so you’ll get first dibs on the site mascot’s famous curry tapenade!

~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on August 21, 2012.

28 Responses to “P&Q Turns Two!”

  1. Congratulations. For some reason, blogging makes me keep track and celebrate various anniversaries in ways I never would otherwise. I guess blogging makes you take stock — one of the many things I like about it.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I hope the best is yet to come. You have a terrific blog.

  3. Happy Blogiversary! =)

  4. Happy Anniversary! This is a funny, wacky and so random blog that has made me smile for a month. I think what made me subscribe to it was the fact that Murdock was my first childhood TV crush. 🙂

  5. Happy Blogiversary! I hope to meet you in person someday too! 😀

  6. Happy Blogiversary Heather! I hope you have another fabulous year. Thanks so very much for the mention!

  7. Congratulations!!!

  8. Congrats!
    Keep on doin what you’re doin.

  9. Excellent… Congratulations. I have to say your interesting way of relating with celebrities anniversaries is pretty amazing. Thanks and keep the posts coming!


  10. Happy Blogoversary, Heather! The blogosphere is a better place for your presence. 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday, P&Q!! Heather, your blog has made me laugh at times when that was a real feat. I have enjoyed your perspective, your writing prowess, and your evidence of growth in the process. Thank you for your very kind words. They mean a lot to me, as do you. It is a privilege to be your friend. I look forward to seeing what your future holds.

  12. HAPPY anniversary. I can tell writing is in your blood. One: because you’re so darn good at it. Two: Because you make it look easy, and GOOooood.
    It’s been so fun to get to know you, and I look forward to your posts with gusto. I really hope we get to meet someday!

  13. Happy blogiversary. 🙂 I love P&Q and look forward to your random thoughts all the time. I’m so glad to be a part of the P&Q Troopers. 😉 Happy New Blogging Year.

  14. There doesn’t seem a lot more to say other than congratulations! You’ve got a good blog going here; long may it continue!

  15. Congratulations! I like the cake. 😀

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