P&Q’s Hunger Games: The Finals

Once again, live from the Arena, we join our host, H.M. Templesmith:

“We started with over a dozen contestants. Now there are only two. Fame, fortune and prizes await the winner. But, like Highlander, there can be only one.”

“I have to confess I’m a little surprised at our final pairing. With an overabundance of brawn in this competition, this otherworldly duo proves that brains, along with a few psychic abilities, trump everything else.”

“Voting for the winner will take place from now until noon CST on Monday, October 8th. One vote per IP address and Sponsors may campaign for their Tribute on their own blogs or social media if they wish. Just a reminder also that our winner will receive a copy of The Hunger Games (or another title of his/her choice) on DVD, along with a matching donation to a charity or organization of his or her choice. To encourage our Viewers and non-winning Tributes to vote and comment, everyone who votes and comments will also be entered into the Viewers’ Prize draw.”

“May the odds be ever in your favor. In the unlikely event of a tie, the winner will be decided by the flip of a coin. Good luck, Tributes and Sponsors!”

Finalist #1 is The Doctor, sponsored by Matthew Hyde of Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth:

“Genius level intellect, with a talent for outside the box thinking. He’s a brilliant improviser, and if the rules permitted I’d quote the two page passage from a novel that suggests that he unconsciously bends the rules of probability (the odds are *always* in his favour!). Physically he’s more durable than a human, and if he gets killed he can always regenerate into a new body (although that might be cheating…)

He’s taken lessons in hundreds of fields from some of history’s greatest figures – he even taught some of them. He topples regimes for fun. He hates killing, but he’ll do it if he has to, and he hates anything that threatens children, so if he wins, he might just feel like stopping the Hunger Games himself…The most feared race in the galaxy calls him the oncoming storm and the destroyer of worlds. If the Doctor’s coming after you, start running…”

Our second finalist is River Tam (Firefly/Serenity), sponsored by Piper Bayard of Bayard and Holmes:

“River has everything going for her. Weapons training, for one thing. She can even take out her enemies with one shot while blindfolded.

She has psychic powers of perception, the ability to climb, hide, and kick ass, and the gift of appearing beautiful, helpless, and vulnerable so that her enemies can be lured in if she chooses. More than all of that, she has heart. When her people need her, she steps up to the challenge and kills an entire army of Reavers without so much as ruffling her long, silky locks.

Sure, she’s crazy, but what great person isn’t? That is a gift, too, allowing her to understand her enemies and what it takes to defeat them. She sees through people with a mind that can and does go anywhere.

No power in the Verse can stop her!”

Be sure to vote for your chance to win. Good luck to everyone and thanks to the many bloggers who participated!

~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on September 30, 2012.

8 Responses to “P&Q’s Hunger Games: The Finals”

  1. Since I have only watched Dr. Who once, I guess it just has to be River.

  2. Without a doubt, RIVER! She’s so B.A. . . .

  3. My theory is the combination of River’s quick trigger and the Doctor’s empathy for humanity would leave the Doctor in a very bad place. She flips the switch from sweet River to the assassin, and the Doctor is likely fatally wounded before he even gets a chance to response. And after he’s been wounded, he’s definitely travelling alone, and we’ve seen how that works for the good Doctor.

  4. An excellent analysis, Pat! It has yet to be determined if River can time travel, but if she can’t, that’s the only thing the Dr. would have over her.

    Thank you for sponsoring this competition, Heather! 🙂

  5. Well, i voted for my guy, and I’d like to throw something out there.

    Over the course of his travels, the Doctor has *travelled* with B.A. psychos who’d kill you as soon as look at you. Sure, it’s a bit of a Pygmalion thing, but all the same, it’s canon.

    See, our problem here is that two good guys have made it through to the final. One of them can slaughter bad guys in an awe-inspiring ballet of carnage, the other topples child-killing regimes *for fun*.

    And therefore, I also vote for River as well.

    ‘cos I suggest a team up and an end to the Hunger Games forever.

    And sure, this may be naive, and the Doctor might get skewered like a kebab, but hey, if you want River to be the tool of an oppressive regime she was created to be, then fair enough. Don’t blame me if next year it’s River vs Chuck Norris or Batman or Xena.

    C’mon, you think the crew of Serenity want a manipulative elite to get the better of the little people? This way, the Hunger Games-running government can be beaten in a way that’s less depressing than the film, and a heck of a lot more fun.

    And stabbier.

    Vote Doctor AND River!

    (Sorry Heather, I know I’m off script, but it’s in character for my team!)

  6. River

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  8. Sorry Doc, but I had to vote for River. She blew my character Sherlock Holmes away in this competition!

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