The Only Election-Related Post You Need

If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one? ~Abraham Lincoln

I’ve been quiet all year on the 2012 American presidential election. There’s a reason for that. I have friends and faithful readers on both sides of the political aisle, and some who don’t live in America. Being neutral is the best way to ensure they stay friends and faithful readers. Though I am hardly neutral myself when it comes to politics, a blog about pop culture and geekery is not the place to make political statements.

Until today.

No, I’m not endorsing a particular candidate. Yes, I did vote myself. No, I’m not going to tell you who it was and why I chose that candidate. That’s not the point of this post. What I am going to tell you is this:

Just vote. I’m not really concerned whom you vote for, but vote.

You see, we have been given a great gift: the ability to choose our leaders. Millions of people have died for us to have that right. It’s in honor of their memories that we should exercise our right. They spent winters in trenches without shoes or blankets. We need only drive to our local precinct to push a button or fill out a form. It’s as simple as that.

And we certainly have no right to complain about politics in Washington if we don’t. With an average of slightly under half the eligible voters in America not voting, this is a tragedy. When more people vote for silly reality shows than for the most powerful office in the world, what does that say about us as a country?

So, my friends and readers, I am asking you to vote tomorrow. Better yet, drive a homebound family member or friend to the polls with you. You may not think your vote counts, and in an election of millions, maybe it won’t as such. But you never know. Also, vote your conscience. If you don’t feel like voting for Democrats or Republicans, then by all means don’t. You have a choice between Lesser Evil and Evil. Find your precinct here.

I’ll catch you on the flip side of the election (that is, barring a drawn-out recount.)

~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on November 5, 2012.

9 Responses to “The Only Election-Related Post You Need”

  1. Couldn’t vote in your poll since Big Bird wasn’t a choice.

    I don’t think it’s important just to vote, but to vote for the candidates you honestly think best represent you.

  2. I hate that there never seem to be candidates who I desperately want to vote *for*, but my current, cynical rule of thumb is that there’s always something to vote *against*. In the town in which I grew up, it was always likely that a extreme right-wing party (basically thugs who just wanted to a political way to beat up non-white people) could get a seat in local government. For a few elections, I’ve solely voted to help stop them getting any power.

    • Matthew, that’s exactly how I feel sometimes. It’s really scary how some of these extremist groups and causes get so many votes year after year, and how they are considered mainstream in some areas. I’ll always vote against incivility and outright ignorance, for sure.

  3. I can’t wait until Wednesday! We have been inundated with phone calls…

  4. My favorite election fact: Each year, Mickey Mouse receives a significant number of votes. I think it’s his pro-magic platform, though it could be his decision to run with Donald Duck as a VP. I think Mickey is always neck in neck with Someone Else, who has some identity problems so I dunno if he really stands a chance.

  5. I had a tough voting decision earlier today. I had to mull it over, think it through, and then come to a conclusion. But in the end I came to an indecision and ate both the chocolate chip and the peanut butter cookies.

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