About Me…

I never knew I wanted to be a blogger. I guess I always just wanted to be a writer and share a little of my off-kilter sense of humor…so Prawn and Quartered was born in the late summer of 2010.

I consider myself a fangirl, but also an amateur philosopher, would-be novelist, animal rescuer, student pilot, horsewoman, avid reader, political junkie, and, hopefully, ambassador for the Asperger Syndrome community. Some of my heroes include Dr. Temple Grandin, Dwight Schultz, Tony Gwynn, Justice Clarence Thomas, Jodie Foster, and Stephen Hawking (among many others.)

There’s nothing I like more than learning new things and exploring new worlds. I’m always reading at least 5 or 6 books at once, trying to expand my horizons.

This part of my blog is currently under a bit of construction. I welcome any and all feedback from readers, so if you have suggestions, feel free to write me at wikusandmurdock@yahoo.com. If you’re craving a bit of my fannish work, check me out at fanfiction.net/~invisibleranger or deviantart.com/~mizhowlinmad.

Thanks to all who have helped Prawn and Quartered become a reality. You guys are amazing.



18 Responses to “About Me…”

  1. Looking for women writers to follow. I found your reflections on John Robison’s talk and caught by the comments regarding women as choosers and being left out of life….

  2. Wanted to let you know that I think your blog is a great and enjoy reading your articles.
    I also wanted to invite you to ping and tweet your blog for free with my website BlogBuzzer.com

    Craig Thompson

  3. Love your blog name, I love the look of your blog, if it is a true reflection of who you are, I recommend you have a look at my blog, we are kindred spirits, searchers of discovery!

  4. I started a website for children of the 80s, and we are looking for contributors. You wouldn’t have to write any more than you already do, here is what I have worked out with another WordPress blog writer who has a comic books blog: he said that if his post fits into one of our categories, I can copy and paste his posts into our site, credit him as the author, and include a large link back to his blog. This increases his blog traffic, diversifies his readership and exposure to new eyes, and enhances my site’s offering. if you want to check it out the site is http://underscoopfire.com/
    Let me know!

  5. I find your blog layout so cute! particularly the header. Did you use the Narrow Theme? Could you help me change my header too? I’ve been trying to find tutorials on how to change the header of ‘free’ wordpress themes for a month now but all there is are for paid wordpress themes not the free ones!

    Hope you can help me.

  6. I’m crazy about reading too. My parents can’t keep up with all my reading phases. Yes, that’s right, just a teenager over here. But you do sound a bit like me, though I wouldn’t get on a horse to save my life and rather than an ambassador for Asperger’s (Though I do have a couple of friends with it) I hope I’m an ambassador for those with dyspraxia. Anyway, this is really cool and I wish you every success.

  7. Student pilot, that’s awesome. I would never have the guts to do something like that. I should really read more books. And by that I mean I should really read more books that *aren’t* of the Fantasy genre. Maybe some more non-fiction, lol.

  8. Hey thanks for subscribing to my blog. You have a neat site.

  9. Did anyone think that the figure at the top of the blog on the left was the Master Chief from the Halo games?

  10. Hi Heather, I have nominated you for the Versitile Blogger Award because your blog rocks! Check it out:

  11. thanks for the comments! Try to stay away from the “chocolate” 😉

  12. Heather, I’m blogrolling you because you’re awesome.

  13. Enjoyable short essay on hair. I followed the link to ur blog and found u to be refreshingly honest an eloquent, funny too. I admire your personal qualities which i feel a kinship with.
    I’m a junkie to some of the same stuff but mostly your hunger to learn new things, expand your bubble. Please visit my new blog if u have time and give me feedback on mine??? I would value your opinion. No this isn’t a spam for viagra:)

    Ps…i vote for u getting that short hair cut! Looks great. Rock on deviant rebel! (just kidding…)

    kristina dei

  14. Hi, I’m an Aspie too! I’m new to the blogsphere and I wish there were more witty aspie blogs like yours (and I can’t tell lies so I’m not just chucking mindless flattery at you!) I love the individuality here. Check out my blog too! 😉

    PS. Have you ever done a systemizing quotient? I got 60 and I’m searching in vain for someone who got more!

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