All I Want for Christmas: Gift Time!


Before we get started passing out the gifts, P&Q Rangers, a few updates from the heartland:

A couple weeks ago, you may remember me writing about a would-be attempt to make Christmas merrier for a stranger in need. It turned into a case of check fraud and a financial headache. The bank manager, along with a couple of my dear friends, assured me that kindness is always repaid. In fact, yesterday I received a most generous (and unexpected) Christmas gift from a family member. So, yes, it turns out that their advice is true. I’d advise everyone to be too generous rather than too stingy, and not just at the holidays.

Also, I wanted to let you guys know in advance that P&Q will likely be going on the back burner for me as 2012 turns to 2013. I am waiting to hear on news of a possible promotion at work and, in addition, my major resolution for the New Year is to finish my book by the time my birthday rolls around in June. I won’t be grinding to a halt but I’ll probably update about once a week or so. Frankly I enjoy blogging too much to stop! It’s been a pleasure getting to know so many of my fellow bloggers and artists.

Which brings me to the fun part. PRESENTS! Everyone loves presents! A few weeks ago, I asked you, my readers, what I could get you for Christmas if money, time and space were no object. Santa came through and here is what he got for you! I’ve also included mystery gifts for some of the folks who mean a lot to me but who did not necessarily comment. One of you will also be getting a special prize through the mail after Christmas, so stay tuned.

Because this is Christmas, after all, the gifts are “wrapped.” Click on the links to see what your gift is! Merry Christmas!


To The Heretic, an awesome fellow pop culture junkie and all-around great guy, I give you this. I figure it could help you with a few of your business endeavors. Who knows, you might even be able to change history!

To Susie Lindau, who, as it turns out, is my #1 commenter and an amazing writer, Santa figured you’d enjoy this. He knows you already enjoy this, and figured it would also give you an excuse to get to meet me in person!

To Angela Sims, whom I met through one of Susie’s famous Use Me and Abuse Me Days, I found this little gem. It’s the best of both worlds, isn’t it? Enjoy!

To Amy Krell, my dear fellow A-Team fan, is there anything to get you other than this? I love it when a plan comes together!

To Emma Starr, who loves Murdock as much as I do and who’s actually in the process of getting her “wings,” how about one of these? I know you can handle it, muchacha.

To A.J., the best Mom I know, I think you deserve this. You work so hard and you deserve some time to yourself.

To the other A.J., the one who lives in Tennessee, I wish I could arrange a personal meeting with this guy and this guy. I’m sure you’d have plenty to talk about.

To Lisa Curtis, another dear friend, I’d love to let you have your pick of these. We left a part of ourselves behind “across the pond” and it would be wonderful to go back.

To Susan Takacs, amazing friend and first-time Mom to be, how about this? I know it’s early, but it fits.

To all my dear readers whom I haven’t mentioned by name, and you are many, about 100 of these. You mean so much to me.

Merry Christmas, and stay tuned for the last part of “The 12 Guilty Pleasures of Christmas” tomorrow!


~ by Howlin' Mad Heather on December 23, 2012.

6 Responses to “All I Want for Christmas: Gift Time!”

  1. Yay,and congratulations! and woohoo! and now off to check out the blogs I don’t know…

  2. Thank you so much for the inclusion and shout out!
    Congratulations on your upcoming promotion. I can’t wait to read your book although I know it is a process, but will be patiently waiting. 🙂
    SEASON PASSES! WOOHOO! ….runs to tell Danny and then makes plane reservations…..
    Thank you so much for your support over the last year Heather. I am so glad we met through WP! Have a very Merry Christmas and the very best 2013!

  3. Best wishes on the book AND the promotion!

  4. Yaaay! Thank you! It will go great with my Doctor Who (Matt Smith) watching.

    Congratulations on the promotion! 🙂

  5. Yaaay! Awesome Christmas present indeed!
    As a thank you I could fly ya’ll and your friends/family to a fab holiday destination of your choice! We would have a fab time!
    We could also book D.S. & D.B. to perform ‘The Dwight and Dirk Show’ with sketches and Music etc. I love it when a plan comes together!
    Merry Christmas Heather,

  6. Thanks for my gift! If you break Murdock out of the V.A., I’ll swing around in it and get the both of you!

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